Terms and Conditions

We at invoice-maker.org highly acknowledge your usage of our app. By installing and using the Invoice Maker app, you abide by the following terms and conditions.

Basic Terms

1. You will be responsible for every action that takes place in your user profile.

2. You will be in charge of the protection of any password that you may use to access the Invoice Maker app.

3. We condemn all kinds of bullying, harassment, abuse, impersonation, and threats.

4. This app cannot be used for any unlawful or unlicensed purposes. All international users are bounded with their local cyber laws of using and distributing content and should follow online conduct.

5. All information, text, data, visual emblem, and other posts uploaded by you are your sole and primary responsibility.

6. It’s prohibited to use the content of any other app and imply that it is related to our Invoice Maker.

7. Any unsolicited or illegal advertising, promotions, spam mail, channel lists, pyramid systems or any other type of request shouldn’t be uploaded, posted or emailed, forwarded or otherwise made accessible to any user.

8. You should not make alterations or interrupt the Invoice Maker app’s server or control channels such as the transfer of viruses, bugs, and any other form of harm applied locally, nationally or internationally.

9. While using the app, you shouldn’t intentionally or reluctantly violate any local, state, national, or international laws. Infringement of any of these laws will result in the permanent closure of your account and also the cancellation of your subscription. By using this app, you agree with this term that Invoice Maker is not responsible for the content uploaded by the user in his/her account.

General Conditions

1. At any time and for any reason, we reserve the right to modify or cancel our terms and conditions without any notification.

2. Invoice Maker reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any moment. The continual usage of our app will be your approval for such revisions and alterations.

3. For any realistic verdict, we retain the right to turn down the service for any user. The material modification will be decided in our sole preference, in an upright reason by means of the sensible decree.

4. We are not responsible for removing material or accounts which contain material that, at our sole discretion, are illegitimate, offensive, discourteous, or intimidating.

5. You agree while using our Invoice Maker app that we possess the right to possess, use, and publicize the information gathered from this app’s user collectivity.

6. We retain the right to retrieve the usernames that are held under legal claims or trademarks and belong to other businesses or entities.


You are solely responsible for using this Invoice Maker App. This application is being offered on AS AVAILABLE basis. None of the users can make a claim on the way it is performing or non-infringement.

You agree not to use this app to:

1. Make any information or material accessible that is illegitimate, detrimental, violent, abusive, frustrating, or else unbearable by sharing links or emailing.

2. Make any piece of content accessible that doesn’t abide by copyrighted content or promotes the infringement of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, or other intangible assets, by transferring, emailing, or sharing links.

3. Make available any promotional content, spam email, pyramid schemes, or any other kind of unauthorized information by sharing emails or links.

4. Falsely demonstrating to be another person or company, including INVOICE MAKER officials.

5. Disobey the procedures, or confront the requirements, policies, and guidelines associated with this app.


The content available on Invoice Maker, including images, texts, logo, and other material, are protected under copyright and trademark. Hence, it will be illegal to use any of them without prior consent. All material available here is the sole property of this app except for the content uploaded by the users. The terms and conditions of this app give no user a right to use the name of the app or other information, such as domain name, templates, trademarks, and other distinct features. We retain the right to use your remarks, feedback, and recommendations regarding this Invoice Maker app.

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